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What the heck does salt the earth even mean? In ancient times when an invading army wished to destroy their enemy utterly they would salt their fields so that nothing would grow there. Given, that doesn't really invoke a pleasant mental picture. Salt the Earth is a phrase that I actually stole from the short lived Lone Gunmen television series. It's not that I was a fan, but in the first (and almost last) episode one of the characters gets angry and powerlessly screams, "Total War, Salt the Earth!" What can I say, it tickled my funny bone. So I decided it was obscure enough and interesting enough to title my homepage after it.

In an interesting side note, some of the Japanese readers of the page (all three of them) pointed out that in the Japanese folk religion of Shinto salt is a purifier so the name salt-the-earth could also be taken to mean purify the earth. Unintentional coolness on my part.

This is my personal home page. You are a guest here, so behave yourself. :) I'm 26 years old and a hacker (In the ancient understanding of the word) by night. By day I'm a business slave. My current responsibilities include navigating the pathetic political climate of a Fortune 20 company. I'm a translator between the technically savvy but culturally ignorant (read: techies) and the technically ignorant and more culturally ignorant (read: business people).

In order to ensure that in engaging the business side I do not loose touch with the mystical might of CODE, I am building up the web services, tools, and code on this page for references in the future and for fun now. All of the code on this site is written by yours truly. Enjoy...



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