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Traditionally cooking has been something that women were charged with. I'm not comfortable with that arrangement in my own home so I'm trying an experiment. I'm going to learn to cook. That could be good or bad.

This area of the site will chronicle my forays into the world of cooking. I'm a baker by desire so I'll be starting there, but I hope to move into full meals at some point. Everyone hold their breath...or not

Note: Score is spoons out of a total of 4 and it is completely subjective so piss off.

Your Chef 
Three Layer Mega-Chocolate Cake - February 8, 2004
Success Rating:
Execution - 2 of 4 spoons (Nice recovery)
Taste - 3.5 of 4 spoons

Karage (Japanese-style Chicken...things) - October 31, 2003
Success Rating: 3 Spoons

Banana Chiffon Cake, DIE! - October 14, 2003
Success Rating: 0.5 Bloody Spoons *FAILURE*

Chai-Buttermilk Spice Cake - October 03, 2003
Success Rating: 2.5 Spoons

Mom's Banana Bread - September 24, 2003
Succes Rating: 3 Spoons



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