I Will Buy No CDs

The recording industry is a dinosaur. Not only that, it is a colossal dinosaur, and it wishes to use its size to crush the little guy. Of all the things in life, that's the one that really pisses me off.

The Recording Industry Association of America claims to be an organization looking out for the recording artists. What they are really is a front that empowers and enriches the already empowered and enriched record labels. Their recent decision to begin suing individuals who download music on-line is the last step in a long line of stupidity. Seemingly incapable of finding a way to fit into the new economy of digital music, the dinosaurs have sought instead to crush the medium of on-line transfer by declaring an all out war on those who download music and the vast networks that enable data sharing between distinct parties.

I will not defend people who download illegal music. Everyone does it, and they like it of course because it's free. But I'll be the first to admit that the artists who produce the music should be paid for what they do. What better way to accomplish that than by giving the consumers what they demand? The modern consumer wants cheap, reliable, fast, on-line access to the entire catalogue of recorded music. Everything from oldies to the latest hits, foreign and domestic on-line all the time on demand. Think about a group of consumers from every part of the globe, that shop not when the stores are open, but 24 hours a day, and not for anything material, but data, some ones and zeros lined up and crunched through a computer. It's a product that doesn't exist in a physical form and people will give up their hard earned cash for it. The record companies have the consumers in the palm of their hand and like an ignorant child they refuse to engage out of fear of technology.

Due to their response, to attack the hand that feeds them, I will buy no more music. Even if they make it impossible for music to be downloaded, I will not buy. Until the RIAA and their peers see fit to wake up and embrace the new century they will get no more money from my pocket. As well, has now joined a group of websites that block all incoming traffic from RIAA and MPAA owned IP addresses.

That is all. Move along, nothing to see here!



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